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Akmin takes partnering seriously. We expect mutual investment for each other’s success. Partnership to us is a simple equation. Tens of valued Partners equal thousands of satisfied Customers.

At Akmin, we understand how important it is to deliver and support integrated products and solutions. Especially solutions that continue to provide unparalleled value to our customers. We also recognize the vital role our partners play, not only in our customers' success, but in our success as well. Which is why Akmin's partnerships are built on a strong foundation of integrity, mutual support and collaboration.

Akmin has partnered with various content partners across the country for the WebsiteForever platform. The ultimate goal for every content publisher is to reach greater number of users and target different segments with the right content to reap maximum benefits. For content providers, WebsiteForever is an ideal platform to instantly reach out to millions of users and build user engagement by targeting different user segments with appropriate content. Content providers can get in touch with us for partner queries at

For our customers, the results have meant access to proven business solutions, rapid and cost-effective installation and implementation, complete life-cycle support, and bundled services and technology that greatly reduce the cost of ownership.

For our partners, the results have meant greater market exposure and expanded business opportunities and access to a broad and growing customer base.

Are you interested in becoming Akmin’s Partner in progress? Please email at